ExEm Foam Kit

Foam Kit

An simple, one kit solution for outpatient ultrasound testing of tubal patency in patients with fertility problems

The ExEm Foam Kit enables easy recognition of tubal patency by using a new technique: Hysterosalpingo Foam Sonography (HyFoSy). The kit has been developed for creating a foam.

It provides an inexpensive, simple, one kit solution for outpatient ultrasound testing of tubal patency in patients with fertility problems. Achieving better results in HyCoSy procedures, the imaging is superior and longer lasting than any other sonohysterography products.

By mixing ExEm gel and purified water a gel foam is created. After infusing the foam through the uterine cavity into the fallopian tubes, practical ultrasound images can be obtained to check the patency of the fallopian tubes in infertility patients. Subsequently high quality ultrasound images can be obtained.

  • A bright visualisation of contour of fallopian tubes and uterine cavity
  • Used in combination with ultrasound imaging
  • Perfect control over administration of gel foam
  • Excellent tubal transit
  • Less need for radiology or laparoscopy
  • ExEm gel consists of: hydroxyethylcellulose and glycerol.

    The ExEm Foam Kit consists of;.

  • 1 x 10ml syringe with 5ml of ExEm gel
  • 1 x 10ml syringe with 5ml ExEm purified water
  • 1 x coupling device
  • GIS Catheter: (GISCATHN970)

    For easier insertion and reduced patient discomfort.

    The GIS catheter has been specifically developed to overcome some of the difficulties associated with traditional balloon catheters which on occasions may be difficult to insert and uncomfortable for the patient, particularly when the balloon is inflated.

    The unique tip design incorporates graduated beads which adapt to the patient's anatomy for comfortable placement and closure of the cervical canal, removing the need for full insertion beyond the internal OS. The GIS catheter should be inserted into the cervical canal (just past the external OS) until a resistance is felt, without causing discomfort for the patient.


  • Non-Latex, single use
  • No need to fully insert the catheter into the uterus
  • No balloon
  • Soft tip for patient comfort
  • The graduated beads on the tapered tip adapt to each patient
  • Larger lumen aids infusion and improves contro
  • Catheter shaft is malleable for curving to the patients anatomy for easier insertion
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