In Qatar, Neplax has partnered with:

  • IQ Medical ventures
    Hysterosalpingo-Foam Sonography (HyFoSy), using ExEm gel for creating stable foam, office procedure for tubal patency testing.
  • Jiangsu Vedkang Medical
    Specializes in R&D, manufacture and sales of FDA and CE approved endoscopy disposable accessories.
  • ParaSure-UK
    High-quality CSSD consumables & Endoscopy cleaning solutions.
    Biomedical products and single-use devices for spine surgery, ortho-biologics, assisted reproduction, biopsy and intensive care.
  • Immersive Touch
    ImmersiveTouch is using the latest advancements in computer vision, AI and AR/VR to develop FDA cleared medical technology.
  • Pennine Healthcare-UK
    Proud to be one of the UK's leading privately owned manufacturer of single use, sterile Medical Devices and Custom Procedure Packs.
  • The Standard
    FDA approved BLACK EYE biocompatible sterile, non-pyrogenic Endoscopic Marker & BLUE EYE Submucosal Injection Agent.
  • Bird Healthcare
    25 years experience in developing, manufacturing and selling world class medical innovations, primarily in the respiratory and sleep medicine markets.
    ISO certified and CE marked leading manufacturer of First Aid Kits, First Aid Boxes, First Aid Dressings and Wound Care Products in China.
  • Ultrawave- UK
    Ultrasonic cleaner provides efficient, powerful pre-sterilisation cleaning of the internal & external surfaces of cannulated instruments used in OT.
  • Retraction
    Shaped for an unobstructed view, REVEEL offers superior exposure of the operating site and is optimized for large, fatty livers.
  • Rothband
    With over 100 years experience UK manufacturing X-ray garments, to the very highest standards, using the highest quality materials.
  • Evonos
    The innovative solutions enjoy the trust of renowned neurosurgeons worldwide, because they follow: increased efficiency, comfort and safeness in the OT.
  • Gynemed
    Gynemed attends very indication oriented to the distribution of high-class medical products in the field of reproductive medicine.
  • SPIWay
    The first and only access guide for endoscopic endonasal skull base surgery, reduce mucosal trauma and keep the scope clean & improve efficiency.
    The main application for products is critical patient care in hospitals, other areas include: Emergency Services, General, Dental and Veterinary Surgeries
  • Bioteque
    We supply a complete line of pessaries, vaginal dilators, endometrial and mucosal sampling devices, HSG catheters, biopsy needles and accessories.
  • Lily Medical Corporation
    Lily Medical Corporation is manufacturer of IV administration set, IV giving sets, IV drip set and Suction canister.
  • PMS Healthcare Technologies
    Efficient, reliable and flexible solutions for healthcare institutions and medical device manufacturers (MDM) with its wide product range.
  •   P.O. BOX:80599, Block A1, Office# 111, Ritaj Building, Salwa Road,Doha, Qatar.
  •   +974 3143 7227, +974 7002 4947
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