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Neplax Healthcare Group started out in India with a mission to provide qualitative improvement in healthcare equipments and medical supplies solutions. Over the years, Neplax has partnered with global leaders in the field to ensure distribution of high quality equipments and supplies in Indian healthcare scenario and eventually in over 80 countries. Neplax Medical Supplies has been an integral part of our business in Qatar and has an exclusive partnership with the global pioneers of medical device development and manufacturing based in UK, USA and Europe. We offer a large gallery of medical supplies that have been selected from global leaders with a trusted portfolio of products ensuring efficient, effortless and economical healthcare with uncompromised quality.

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Further, we promise a time-savvy and money-savvy
experience throughout the business, with assistance in product selection,
timely delivery and elimination of lost or damaged products.

Always Caring, Always Here!

Our Product Categories We have gathered the best equipments and supplies from all over the world that ensures reliability and ease in operation infused with innovative technologies that lifts healthcare to excellence and professionalism.

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